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From: Peanut Shields
Subject: Forever and Always part 2 chapter 1As we got out of my car i opened the door and tip toed in, i whispered to
ryan and told him that my parents were asleep. He followed me into the
kitchen where i found a note on the fridge " Nathan me and your father will
be out of town for a few days please try not to cause trouble, and don't
forget to feed the dog love Mom and Dad." I turned on the light and
explained to preteen photo links Ryan that my parents will be out of town for a few days he
just smiled a (sexy smile, whoa why was i thinking about this i have a
girlfriend, keep it together Nate the plan is almost finished). I told Ryan
to go upstairs to my room and put his bag away.
As i walked upstairs trying to find Nate's room, I found his cell charging.
I picked it up like the snoop i am and i went through the messages. I
started to tear a little when i found out he had a girlfriend, but preteen toples bbs that
doesn't me we can't be friends. I looked through some more messages and one
was from Derek ( the meanest guy in school) " make sure you bust that
cherry tonight" what was that supposed to mean, then it hit me Nathan was
going to fuck me and spread it all around school.. I felt sick, scared and
used what was sexy sandra preteen i going to do. He then walked up and i glared at him "Whats
wrong Ry having trouble finding my room?" "fuck off" "Hey whats with the
attitude" " just take me home" " i told you i can't" thats when he realized
i had his phone. "Oh my god" was all he can say. there was a preteen nudes elwebbs moment of
silence and he approached me i backed away. "Ryan it's alright calm down
i'm not going to hurt you" " then why does Derek say your going to fuck me
tonight?" "huh you saw that" "yes i did, i knew you were just another jock"
" hey wait a minute, I'm not like the rest of them" "prove it" " did you
see the reply?" "No" "well look at it" as i went through the messages the
reply said " Derek fuck you, i wouldn't do that geeze whats with you lately
all you try to do is hurt people, and i can't be friends with a person like
that" "You see Ryan i'm not like that, he came closer to me and i couldn't
back up anymore. He kissed me. There was silence between us, till he
finally broke it. " I'm sorry i thought you were into that stuff" "I am preteens nude portal i
think but you have a girlfriend" "No i don't at least not anymore" he
showed me another text from 3 weeks ago. " oh i see" "well lets go to bed
Ry we have suicides tomorrow" "ok"
Huh that was close Nate thought to himself, his cell started to ring it was
Kelly "Ry i have to piss be right back". "Hey boo whats up" kelly said "
Hey Kelly nothing how preteens flashing bout you" "Well i was hoping we could get together
tonight and have some fun i heard your parents are out" "Kelly i can't at
least not tonight i'm sore" "I can rub you and make you feel better" " I
said no" "What kind of Boyfriend are you?" " The unhappy kind" with that
being said he hung up and started to cry. What am i going to do i like Ryan
but i'm not sure if i love him or if this is just a phase but i do feel
The next morning was rough after practice i decided to hang out with my
besties Mary, preteens vintage nude
Sarah, Sam, Dylan, and Andrew. We were walking through the
mall when i saw nate he was holding hands with Kelly. " What are they doing
together" i said "they have been going out for the past six months you
didn't know" said Mary. " No" he walked up to us with Kelly and Said hi to
me i shrugged him off and asked him what do you want. he pulled me away
from everyone else and asked me if we can talk. i told him no, the he
grabbed my arm and pleaded with me, i gave in. " I'm sorry i lied to you
but i do like you." "no angel preteen illegal
you don't you were going to use me i'm just a quick
fuck and thn your going to throw me out just like yesterday's paper" " Ryan
thats not true" " Yes it is" i started crying. i whipped my tears and told
my friends we should be heading home. I was hurt and ashamed i really did
like Nate why does this happen to me huh i hate life so much. I walked down
the stairs when Dominique (Dom for short) handed me a julius "Whats wrong
boo" " Love problems" "I hear ya i was going out with Nate till i found out
he was going out with 4 other girls at the same time now we are just
friends i guess". that hit me like a ton of bricks now i was worse "Dom can
you give me a ride home" "Sure" On the way home whitehorse played on the
radio "say your sorry that face of an angel comes out preteens alt binaries just when you need it
to" all i thought of was Nate.
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